Alberta Aircraft Overhaul, first incorporated in 1972, provides a wide range of services for the commercial, corporate and private aircraft operators focusing on structural repairs and modifications. During the 1990’s we expanded our focus to include aluminum heat treatment services for a broad range of customers. Our manufacturing and machining departments attracted clients from many different industries, chief among them the Oil & Gas and Telecommunications industries, for projects of varying sizes and complexities.


To provide repair and overhaul, maintenance, manufacturing, precision machining and heat treatment services to produce solutions tailored to our customer’s exact specifications and requirements.


It is our commitment, through continued investment in new technologies and employee training, that we maintain a dedicated service-oriented team who are committed to providing our customers with high quality cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

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2403-Susquehanna court, Oakville
ON- L6H 5Y8
Ph: (416) 315-9983